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Boys Basketball


Yerba Buena Aztec Warriors Boys Basketball

                           2019-2020 Boys Basketball Schedule

Date                Opponent                                            Location                      Time
11/26/19          Live Oak                                             YB                              530/7pm
12/02/19          Lynbrook                                            Lynbrook                    530/7pm
12/04/19          Mt Pleasant  (JV ONLY)                    MP                              530pm
12/04-06/19    Westmont Tourney (Vars)                  Westmont                    TBD
12/10/19          Harbor (Santa Cruz)                          Harbor                         430/6pm
12/12-14/19    Willow Glen Tourney (JV)                 Willow Glen               TBD
12/19-21/19    Fremont Xmas Classic (Varsity)        Fremont                      TBD
01/03/20          Overfelt                                               YB                              430/6pm
1/08/20            Silver Creek                                        YB                              530/7pm
1/10/20        @Westmont                                            Westmont                    530/7pm
1/15/20        @Branham                                             Branham                     530/7pm
1/17/20            Prospect                                              YB                              530/7pm
1/22/20            Pioneer                                                YB                  530/7pm
1/24/20        @Andrew Hill                                       A.Hill                          530/7pm
1/28/20        @Oak Grove                                          OG                              530/7pm
1/30/20        @Silver Creek                                        SC                               530/7pm
2/01/20          Westmont (Sat)                                    YB                              530/7pm
2/05/20          Branham                                               YB                              530/7pm
2/07/20        @Prospect                                              Prospect                      530/7pm
2/12/20        @Pioneer                                                Pioneer                        530/7pm
2/14/20        Andrew Hill                                            YB                              530/7pm
2/18/20        Oak Grove (SN)*                                   YB                              530/7pm-SN
*- Senior Night
Varsity Head Coach- Anthony Bendter (
Frosh/ Soph Head Coach Orlando Cabrera Sr. (
Athletic Director – Beth Kilduff
Mascot- Aztec Warrior
Road Jerseys – Black
Home Jersey’s - White
Times and dates may not be updated regularly.  Please contact the head coach to confirm the details of these events.