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October 11, 2021
Good morning, Warriors! Today is Monday, October 11, an odd bell schedule today and even bell schedule tomorrow
Girls Tennis
Congratulations to seniors Ella Trinh and Natalie Tran as they beat two opponents to move on in divisional play. They are playing this Friday for a chance to win division championships.  Before that, the team will look to get two in a row to move to 5-3 when they meet Pioneer tomorrow at home. Come out and cheer on your Warriors!
Girls soccer conditioning starts today. Meet at the blacktop at 4:30.
The team was victorious against Mount Pleasant this past Friday night. The defense created big plays, creating 4 turnovers overall. Phuoc Nguyen had two interceptions, while Cristian DelaCruz had 1 interception to claim his own. The offense was led by Senior Christopher "Chino" Guzman who tapped into beast mode for a run and catch to remember on his way to scoring on a touchdown reception. 
Join us this Thursday 10/14 at 7pm as your Yerba Buena Varsity Football team takes on San Jose High School in interleague play.
Clubs and Organizations 
Badminton Club
Badminton Club will be having our first meeting today, October 11 during lunch in Room 326. Come by to learn about the club and the upcoming season. There will also be a chance to win prizes via a Kahoot. To follow up with our other future announcements, join our Facebook or Instagram page at YBHS Badminton Club.

Green Club
Hey Going-Green-Gubbers! Stop by Rm 640 for Green Club’s second meeting! If you’re interested in making a change in the local environment as well as learning more about the plagues of climate change then meet us in Room 640 at 12:20. 

Fashion Club
Looking for a pick-me-up after a long day of school, or something to keep you energized during Spirit Week prep? Treat yourself with drinks from Fashion Club’s boba fundraiser for only $4! We will be selling this week on Wednesday, the 13th, and Friday, the 15th, with lots of different options to choose from! On Wednesday, we will have jasmine milk tea with boba and strawberry lychee fruit tea with lychee jelly. On Friday, we will have mango green tea with boba and thai tea with boba. Stop by outside the Student Union after school on Wednesday and Friday to buy!

Hey ARKers! Acts of Random Kindness is having another meeting this Thursday, October 14th during lunch in Ms. La’s room. We’ll be going over various club updates, including upcoming events and announcing October’s Member of the Month! There will also be a fun activity, so stop by room 716 at lunch on Thursday!
FRESHMEN! If you haven’t already, check your school loop and gmail for the link to vote for this year’s homecoming courts. There are TWO pairs that are currently tie for the top spots and your vote might just be the tiebreaker. So cast your vote now! The form will close during lunch TODAY. Check schoolloop and your class page (@ybhsco2025) for the link!

Homecoming Dance 
Tickets go on sale today at lunch for Lost in Japan. Come to the school bank at lunch  to buy tickets, $10 with ASB and $15 without. Tickets are limited so get your tickets




Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a good way for students to meet new people, develop new skills, make a contribution and have some fun.

You can display your talents, develop your leadership and organizational abilities, learn to make decisions and manage your time, and enhance your people skills – all traits that will help you in high school and beyond.

Check out the many clubs and organizations you can join:


List of Club Officers and Advisors


Acts of Random Kindness (ARK)

President: Nhi Duong & Nhi Bui 
Secretary: Amy Tu
Treasurer: Kenneth Gaerlan
Public Relations: Emily Nguyen & Samantha Nguyen
Advisor: Ms. La

Animal Pack


President: Jennifer Strickland

Vice President: Mila Le
Secretary: Nhi Do
Treasurer: June Vo
Historian: Brissa Gonzalez 
Event Coordinator: Kayla Luong
Advisor: Ms. Reissig & Mrs. Wells


Audio Visual 


President: Marissa Flores 

Vice President: Daisy Cordozo 
Treasurer: Victoria Flores 
Public Relations: Janessa 
Advisor: Ms. Chan




President: Alondra Castellanos
Vice President: Erick Valencia 
Secretary: Juan Arenas  
Treasurer: Jacqueline Gomez Cabrera
Historian: Rodrigo Angeles 
Advisor: Mr. Rodriguez 

Back Pain Awareness Club (BPAC)  

President: Vincent Duong & Addy Ngo
Treasurer: Dennis Dao
Advisor: Mr. Miller 


President: Briana Sandoval & Sarahlynn Bailey 
Treasuer: Amanda Chan 
Advisor: Ms. Ferris 

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

President: Amy Tu
Vice President: Kenneth Gaerlan
Secretary: Samantha Huynh
Treasurer: Yvonne Pham
Historian: Christine Ngo 
Event Coordinator: Mena Tran
Advisor: Mr. Ta


Secretary: Tiffany Nguyen
Novice Assistant Coach: Michelle Nguyen, Nhi Bui, Kenneth Gaerlan 
Varsity Assistant Choach: Kastella Nguyen 
Public Relations: Hoang Anh Tran
Advisor: Ms. La

Empowerment for Greatness (EFG) 

President: Madeline Mai
Vice President: Caitlin Nguyen
Secretary: Rachel Tran
Treasurer: Amy Tu
Public Relations: Kaylee Ly 
Event Coordinator: Emily Le
Advisor: Mrs. Galvez

Fashion Club 

President: Gina Pedroza
Vice President: Lisa Pham 
Secretary: Nhi Bui
Treasurer: Chelsy Aguilar 
Historian: Mila Le 
Public Relations: Michelle Nguyen
Advisor: Mrs. Galvez 


President: Andy Ho 
Vice President: Kenny Dang 
Secretary: Trieu Vy Pham
Treasurer: Calvin Kaneshiro 
Public Relations: Nhi Nguyen 
Representatives: Josh Dinh & Henry Pham 
Event Coordinator: Natalie Vu 
Advisor: Mr. Salgado 


President: Angela Quezada 
Vice President: Angie Cosio 
Secretary: Angel Juarez
Advisor: Ms. Bertha Zamora Garcia 

Girls Project 

President: Jazmin Castaneda
Vice President: Yahira Castaneda
Secretary: Lola Bui
Treasurer: Alondra Duran 
Advisor: Ms. Sia

Green Club  

President: Hannah Truong
Vice President: Dennis Dao
Secretary: Theresa Dao
Event Coordinator: Evan Tran
Advisor: Dr. Calma 

Hiking Club  

President: Tony Pham
Vice President: Alexander Gomez Vergara 
Secretary: Thy Vo  
Treasurer: Brendan Ly 
Advisor: Mrs. Cardenas 


President: Linh Buu
Vice President: Jennie Strickland 
Secretary: Amerie Lopez  
Treasurer: Nhi Do
Event Coordinator: Hannah Truong 
Outreach Coordinator: Mandy Lam 
Multimedia Coordinator: Lily Dieu 
Advisor: Ms. DeLahunta & Ms. Chan 

Junior Exchange (JRX) 

President: Patrick Vu
Vice President: Kaylee Ly 
Secretary: Ella Tring  
Treasurer: Nhi Duong
Historian: Megan Tran 
Event Coordinator: Amerie Lopez  
Advisor: Ms. Lo 

Key Club  

President: Caitlin Nguyen 
Vice President: Amy Tu 
Secretary: Anh Truong  
Treasurer: Isabelle Nguyen 
Editors: Madeline Mai & Edin Le
Advisor: Mr. Rigo Chacon 

Korean Dance Movement (KDM)  

President: Brandon Nop 
Vice President: Emily Soukhaseum  
Secretary: Nancy Nguyen   
Historian: Vyctoria Vu 
Advisor: Mr. Lin 

Lesson Up 

Co- Presidents: Kenneth Gaerlan & Katelyn Doanla
Vice President: June Vo 
Secretary: Trieu Vy Pham
Treasurer: Elaine Nguyen
Historian: Brendan Ly 
Public Relations: Mindy Luu 
Event Coordinator: Ethan Le
Advisor: Mr. Lin 

Marine Appreciation and Conservation (MAC)  

President: Nanbi Vilchis
Vice President:  Angeline Lumagui 
Secretary: Lola Bui  
Treasurer: Crystal Ta 
Historian: Rodrigo Angeles 
Advisor: Dr. Calma 

Math & Computer Science (CS)  

President: Long Phanguyen 
Secretary: Sydney Tran  
Treasurer: Thompson Ngo
Event Coordinator: Matthew Tran
Advisor: Mr. Kremzar 

Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement (MESA) 

President: Long Phanguyen
Secretary: Hoang Nguyen   
Treasurer: Meredith Doan
Advisor: Mr. Ochoa

Medical Club 

President: Naomi Do
Vice President: Emalee Huynh & Tuan Tran 
Secretary: Trieu Vy Pham   
Treasurer: Cecilia Trann
Event Coordinator: Dennis Dao 
Public Relations: Anna Le
Advisor: Mr. Khong 

Music Club 

President: Rey Rafanan 
Vice President: Andrew Le 
Secretary: Loc Pham   
Treasurer: Cong Nguyen 
Historian: Ethan Le 
Event Coordinator: Michelle Nguyen 
Public Relations: Carlos Posadas  
Advisor: Mr. Rodriguez 

National Honor Society (NHS) 

President: Naomi Do
Vice President: Dennis Dao
Secretary: Amerie Lopez  
Treasurer: Thompson Ngo
Parliamentarian: Hieu Duong
Advisor: Mr. Hale


President: Marykate Cawicaan
Vice President: Sarahlynn Bailey & Caitlin Nguyen
Secretary: Kiara Oun 
Treasurer: Kaila Huynh 
Public Relations: Sandro Vo
Advisor: Mr. Calbreath 

Pure Equity 

President: Nghi Bui
Vice President: Isaias Mairena
Secretary: Angelina Nguyen 
Treasurer: Emalee Huynh
Historian: Vishvathma Kapu 
Public Relations: Kaila Huynh 
Advisor: Ms. Hyun

Rising Phoenix Lion Dancing 

President: Tuan Tran
Vice President: Jasmine Tran
Treasurer: Maridel De Los Reyes  
Historian: Emily Nguyen
Advisor: Ms. Sia

Running Club 

President: Patrick Vu
Vice President: Kaylee Ly
Secretary: Jimmy Vu
Historian: Natalie Vu 
Event Coordinator: Anthony Nguyen 
Advisor: Mr. Mendoza 


President: Jonathan Amezcua 
Treasurer: Tina Tran 
Compost Manager: Rodrigo Angeles
Social Media Manager: Frank Vallente
Advisor: Ms. Lo & Mr. Rodriguez 


President: Linh Buu
Vice President: Katelyn Doanla 
Secretary: Elaine Nguyen 
Treasurer: Kayla Luong 
Historian: Aniqa Rahman 
Event Coordinator: Cecilia Tran
Advisor: Mr. Khong 


President: Phuc Truong 
Vice President: Dinhton Pham 
Secretary: Tuan Nguyen
Treasurer: Patrick Vu
Historian: Viet Bui
Event Coordinator: Megan Tran & Vanthomas Keo
Advisor: Mr. Duran & Ms. Abee

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) 

President: Anh Truong 
Vice President: Megan Tran
Secretary: Hannah Truong
Treasurer: Hoang Xuan Vy Nguyen  
Event Coordinators: Cindy Nguyen &Kim Thanh Truong
Public Relation: Melissa Do
Advisor: Ms. Van Nguyen & Ms. Nguyen



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