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Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a good way for students to meet new people, develop new skills, make a contribution and have some fun.

You can display your talents, develop your leadership and organizational abilities, learn to make decisions and manage your time, and enhance your people skills – all traits that will help you in high school and beyond.

Check out the many clubs and organizations you can join:


List of Club Officers and Advisors


Acts of Random Kindness (ARK)

President: Nhi Duong & Nhi Bui 
Secretary: Amy Tu
Treasurer: Kenneth Gaerlan
Public Relations: Emily Nguyen & Samantha Huynh 
Advisor: Ms. La

Animal Pack


President: Jennifer Strickland

Vice President: Mila Le
Secretary: Nhi Do
Treasurer: June Vo
Historian: Brissa Gonzalez 
Event Coordinator: Kayla Luong
Advisor: Ms. Reissig & Mrs. Wells

Audio Visual 


President: Marissa Flores 

Vice President: Daisy Cordozo 
Treasurer: Victoria Flores 
Public Relations: Janessa 
Advisor: Ms. Chan


President: Alondra Castellanos
Vice President: Erick Valencia 
Secretary: Juan Arenas  
Treasurer: Jacqueline Gomez Cabrera
Historian: Rodrigo Angeles 
Advisor: Mr. Rodriguez 

Back Pain Awareness Club (BPAC)  

President: Vincent Duong & Addy Ngo
Treasurer: Dennis Dao
Advisor: Mr. Miller 


President: Briana Sandoval & Sarahlynn Bailey 
Treasuer: Amanda Chan 
Advisor: Ms. Ferris 

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

President: Amy Tu
Vice President: Kenneth Gaerlan
Secretary: Samantha Huynh
Treasurer: Yvonne Pham
Historian: Christine Ngo 
Event Coordinator: Mena Tran
Advisor: Mr. Ta


Secretary: Tiffany Nguyen
Novice Assistant Coach: Michelle Nguyen, Nhi Bui, Kenneth Gaerlan 
Varsity Assistant Choach: Kastella Nguyen 
Public Relations: Hoang Anh Tran
Advisor: Ms. La

Empowerment for Greatness (EFG) 

President: Madeline Mai
Vice President: Caitlin Nguyen
Secretary: Rachel Tran
Treasurer: Amy Tu
Public Relations: Kaylee Ly 
Event Coordinator: Emily Le
Advisor: Mrs. Galvez

Fashion Club 

President: Gina Pedroza
Vice President: Lisa Pham 
Secretary: Nhi Bui
Treasurer: Chelsy Aguilar 
Historian: Mila Le 
Public Relations: Michelle Nguyen
Advisor: Mrs. Galvez 


President: Andy Ho 
Vice President: Kenny Dang 
Secretary: Trieu Vy Pham
Treasurer: Calvin Kaneshiro 
Public Relations: Nhi Nguyen 
Representatives: Josh Dinh & Henry Pham 
Event Coordinator: Natalie Vu 
Advisor: Mr. Salgado 


President: Angela Quezada 
Vice President: Angie Cosio 
Secretary: Angel Juarez
Advisor: Ms. Bertha Zamora Garcia 

Girls Project 

President: Jazmin Castaneda
Vice President: Yahira Castaneda
Secretary: Lola Bui
Treasurer: Alondra Duran 
Advisor: Ms. Sia

Green Club  

President: Hannah Truong
Vice President: Dennis Dao
Secretary: Theresa Dao
Event Coordinator: Evan Tran
Advisor: Dr. Calma 

Hiking Club  

President: Tony Pham
Vice President: Alexander Gomez Vergara 
Secretary: Thy Vo  
Treasurer: Brendan Ly 
Advisor: Mrs. Cardenas 


President: Linh Buu
Vice President: Jennie Strickland 
Secretary: Amerie Lopez  
Treasurer: Nhi Do
Event Coordinator: Hannah Truong 
Outreach Coordinator: Mandy Lam 
Multimedia Coordinator: Lily Dieu 
Advisor: Ms. DeLahunta & Ms. Chan 

Junior Exchange (JRX) 

President: Patrick Vu
Vice President: Kaylee Ly 
Secretary: Ella Trinh  
Treasurer: Nhi Duong
Historian: Megan Tran 
Event Coordinator: Amerie Lopez  
Advisor: Ms. Lo 

Key Club  

President: Caitlin Nguyen 
Vice President: Amy Tu 
Secretary: Anh Truong  
Treasurer: Isabelle Nguyen 
Editors: Madeline Mai & Edin Le
Advisor: Mr. Rigo Chacon 

Korean Dance Movement (KDM)  

President: Brandon Nop 
Vice President: Emily Soukhaseum  
Secretary: Nancy Nguyen   
Historian: Vyctoria Vu 
Advisor: Mr. Lin 

Lesson Up 

Co- Presidents: Kenneth Gaerlan & Katelyn Doanla
Vice President: June Vo 
Secretary: Trieu Vy Pham
Treasurer: Elaine Nguyen
Historian: Brendan Ly 
Public Relations: Mindy Luu 
Event Coordinator: Ethan Le
Advisor: Mr. Lin 

Marine Appreciation and Conservation (MAC)  

President: Nanbi Vilchis
Vice President:  Angeline Lumagui 
Secretary: Lola Bui  
Treasurer: Crystal Ta 
Historian: Rodrigo Angeles 
Advisor: Dr. Calma 

Math & Computer Science (CS)  

President: Long Phanguyen 
Secretary: Sydney Tran  
Treasurer: Thompson Ngo
Event Coordinator: Matthew Tran
Advisor: Mr. Kremzar 

Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement (MESA) 

President: Long Phanguyen
Secretary: Hoang Nguyen   
Treasurer: Meredith Doan
Advisor: Mr. Ochoa

Medical Club 

President: Naomi Do
Vice President: Emalee Huynh & Tuan Tran 
Secretary: Trieu Vy Pham   
Treasurer: Cecilia Trann
Event Coordinator: Dennis Dao 
Public Relations: Anna Le
Advisor: Mr. Khong 

Music Club 

President: Rey Rafanan 
Vice President: Andrew Le 
Secretary: Loc Pham   
Treasurer: Cong Nguyen 
Historian: Ethan Le 
Event Coordinator: Michelle Nguyen 
Public Relations: Carlos Posadas  
Advisor: Mr. Rodriguez 

National Honor Society (NHS) 

President: Naomi Do
Vice President: Dennis Dao
Secretary: Amerie Lopez  
Treasurer: Thompson Ngo
Parliamentarian: Hieu Duong
Advisor: Mr. Hale


President: Marykate Cawicaan
Vice President: Sarahlynn Bailey & Caitlin Nguyen
Secretary: Kiara Oun 
Treasurer: Kaila Huynh 
Public Relations: Sandra Vo
Advisor: Mr. Calbreath 

Photo Club

President: Riley White
Vice President: Emily Huynh 
Secretary: Isaias Mairena Perez 
Treasuer: Alexis Duarte 
Historian: Mariana Vasquez 
Event Coordinator: Marlene Lopez Martinez 
Advisor/Print Manager: Mr. Lo

Pure Equity 

President: Nghi Bui
Vice President: Isaias Mairena
Secretary: Angelina Nguyen 
Treasurer: Emalee Huynh
Historian: Vishvathma Kapu 
Public Relations: Kaila Huynh 
Advisor: Ms. Hyun

Rising Phoenix Lion Dancing 

President: Tuan Tran
Vice President: Jasmine Tran
Treasurer: Maridel De Los Reyes  
Historian: Emily Nguyen
Advisor: Ms. Sia

Running Club 

President: Patrick Vu
Vice President: Kaylee Ly
Secretary: Jimmy Vu
Historian: Natalie Vu 
Event Coordinator: Anthony Nguyen 
Advisor: Mr. Mendoza 


President: Jonathan Amezcua 
Treasurer: Tina Tran 
Compost Manager: Rodrigo Angeles
Social Media Manager: Frank Vallente
Advisor: Ms. Lo & Mr. Rodriguez 


President: Linh Buu
Vice President: Katelyn Doanla 
Secretary: Elaine Nguyen 
Treasurer: Kayla Luong 
Historian: Aniqa Rahman 
Event Coordinator: Cecilia Tran
Advisor: Mr. Khong 


President: Phuc Truong 
Vice President: Dinhton Pham 
Secretary: Tuan Nguyen
Treasurer: Patrick Vu
Historian: Viet Bui
Event Coordinator: Megan Tran & Vanthomas Keo
Advisor: Mr. Duran & Ms. Abee

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) 

President: Anh Truong 
Vice President: Megan Tran
Secretary: Hannah Truong
Treasurer: Hoang Xuan Vy Nguyen  
Event Coordinators: Cindy Nguyen &Kim Thanh Truong
Public Relation: Melissa Do
Advisor: Ms. Van Nguyen & Ms. Nguyen



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