Daily Announcements

Good morning, Warriors! Today is February 16, 2018, a collaboration bell schedule today and no school next week. Yay!


Boys Basketball

Tonight is the final game of the boys basketball season as they face Overfelt. Jv will start at 530 , followed by Senior Night at 7pm. Joaquin Almendras, JP Ramos, Manh Vu, Loc Huynh, Daniel Nguyen and Roger Quan have played a combined 23 years for the YB Basketball Program and we look to show our appreciation tonight .

Come support your Warriors tonight as they look to beat the undefeated Overfelt Royals.


Attention all basketball and soccer players interested in trying out for softball. There will be softball tryouts over the break from 9am-11:15am. Meet at the softball field. See Coach Galvez in room 702 if you have any questions.



To all boys winter sport athletes: Here is your reminder that baseball tryouts are still being held for you immediately after your season. We will see you out there on the baseball field behind the stadium at 4PM. Go Warriors baseball!



Clubs and Organizations


Class of 2019

The Junior class of 2019 presents: Zombie Apocalypse for FANTASTICS! If you or your friends are interested in sketching, painting, or learning dances come through to the 715 everyday after school! 


We have an ARK Benefit Show coming up on March 2nd from 5:30-9:30pm. Our theme this year is The ARKtic and all our funds will be going to the Ocean Conservatory organization. The organization works to protect our oceans and arctic from the effects of climate change. So come out to enjoy performances and to make a change!


Taco Tourney

Ready to eat some delicious tacos? Well wait no more! Let's TACO bout Taco Tourney!! Taco Tourney will be taking place today during lunch at the Amphitheater! Expect variety of tacos made by your favorite clubs, classes, and organizations! You can now buy your tickets during lunch at the school bank or you could also purchase them from clubs and class officers!




Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a good way for students to meet new people, develop new skills, make a contribution and have some fun.

You can display your talents, develop your leadership and organizational abilities, learn to make decisions and manage your time, and enhance your people skills – all traits that will help you in high school and beyond.

Check out the many clubs and organizations you can join:


List of Club Officers and Advisors



President: Amanda Doan
Vice President: Sheila Tran
Secretary: Lucy Tran

Treasurer: Fennie Huynh

Multimedia Coordinator: Trilian Truong

Event Coordinators: Jimmy Nguyen, Thomas Ngo

Advisors: Ms. deLahunta, Ms. Hafalia



President: Justine Recinto Encinas

Vice President: Jimmy Heng Keo

Treasurer: Angel Hoang

Historian: Edys Argueta

Secretary: Michelle Quach

Sound&Tech: Joaquin Almendras

Commisioners: Anthony Lee, Jp Ramos

Public Relations: Marvin AgotAdvisor: Mr. Calbreath


Girls For A Change

President: Katelynn Vien

Vice President: Leighann Tran

Secretary: Lena Huynh

Treasurers: Christine Le, Tina Vo

Event Coordinators: Rachel Nguyen, Almira Tuazon

Co-event Coordinator: Almira Tuazon

Advisors: Mr. Van de Hueval



Elected Officers:

President: Wilson Phan
Vice President: Chris Pham
Secretary: Hao Le

Treasurer: Devin Chau

Advisors: Mr. Mendoza, Mr. Solis


Korean Dance Movement

President: Dana Nguyen

Vice President: Cindy Ma

Secretary: Lucy Tran

Treasurer: Carolyn Nguyen-Duong

Event Coordinator: Harry Sok 

Publicist: Chris Pham

Historian: Hao Le & Gigi Dao 

Sound and Tech: Jenny Pham

Advisors: Mr. Lin


Model United Nations

Secretary General: John Ventura 
Under Secretary General: Sheila Tran
Conference Prep: TBD

Logistics: TBD

Public Relations: Kevin Pham

Finance Linh Duong

Advisors: Mr. Butchko


Girls Varsity Bball

Vice President:


Multimedia Coordinator:

Event Coordinators:



Boys Tennis

Captain: John Ventura 
Co Captain: Andrew Vo

Advisors: Mr. Trinh


National Honor Society

President: John-John Ventura (18')

Vice-President: Savanna Vu (19')

Secretary: Tina Vo (18')

Treasurer: Andrew Vo (18')

Parliamentarian: Thuy Duong (19')

Advisors: Ms. Lal, Ms. Hoang



Vice President:


Multimedia Coordinator:

Event Coordinators:



Vietnamese Student Association

President: Vy Le
Vice President: Trang Nguyen
Secretary: Janneth Nguyen, Jenny Nguyen

Treasurer: Nhi Thai, Nghi Vu

Historian: Christina Banh, Long Le

Advisors: Ms. Linh


Fitness Evolution

President: Karyn Do
Vice President: Bill Pham
Secretary: Jenny Pham

Treasurer: Gigi Dao

Public Relations: Ricardo Alvarez

Event Coordinators: Johny Tran

Advisors: Mr. Taylor


Animal Pack

President: Tianna Abrego 

Vice President: Christina Si 

Secretary: Jenny Nguyen & Carolyn Duong Nguyen 

Treasurer: Juliet Pham

Historian: Luis Ibarra 

Advisor: Ms. Reissig


Girls Tennis

Captain: Amanda Doan

Co-Capts: Lena Huynh, Lauren L.

Advisors: Mr. Trinh



Captains: Wyatt Pham

Advisors: Mr. Love, Coach K


Acts of Random Kindness

President: Savanna Vu

Vice President: Sarah Dang

Secretary: Chris Pham

Treasurer: Julie Hoang

Historian: Vi Phan

Event Coordinator: Joyce Doanla

Public Relations - Web Master: Chheng Bun

Public Relations - Bulletin Editor: Bobby Le

ARKtern: Wilson Phan

Advisors: Ms. La, Ms. Lee


Junior Exchange

President: Julie Hoang
Vice President: Tessa Nguyen
Secretary: Sarah Dang
Treasurer: Annie Nguyen
Historian: Michael Quach
Event Coordinator: Paul Heng & Daniel Correa
Public Relations: Anthony Tran & Daniel Correa
Club Advisor: Ms. Lo



Commander: Dana Nguyen
Command Sergant Major: Phung Nguyen
Execuative Officer: Fiona Tsang

Personal Officer: Vy Le

Training Officer: Zariah Best

Public Relations Officer: Wendy Doan

Supply Officer: Tiffany Pham
Security Officer: Wea Argame

Advisors: Major Chin, SFC Placa



Vice President:


Multimedia Coordinator:

Event Coordinators:

Advisors: Ms. Lo



President: Tiffany Kim Dao
Vice President: Benjamin Do
Secretary: Anthony Tran 
Treasurer: Jonell Soriano
Historian: Austin Ly, Loc Truong
Event Coordinators: Jerritt Lee & Joan Montecillo
Publicist: Wendy Dang 
Co-Publicist & Sound/tech: Shelly Luu



President: Julia Nguyen

Vice President: Thien Nguyen

Secretary: Kristina Le

Treasurer: Andy Vu

Bulletin Editor: Mason Phan

Webmaster: Hao Le

Project/Event Coordinator: Bryan Cuevas

Advisors: Ms. Conrotto



President: Cynthia Solorio
Vice President: Elizabeth Martinez
Secretary: Kathy Nguyen

Treasurer: Amy Huynh

Event Coordinator: Lillian Le

Advisors: Mr. Zuluaga



Vice President:


Multimedia Coordinator:

Event Coordinators:



Filipino Student Union

President: Joaquin Almendras
Vice President:


Multimedia Coordinator:

Event Coordinators:

Advisors: Ms. Chan


Green Club

President: Thomas Ngo 
Vice President: Brandon Nguyen
Secretary: Lesley Phan

Treasurer: Huy Nguyen

Event Coordinators: Khuyen Nguyen, Elizabeth Martinez

Advisors: Ms. Hoang


Friday Night Live

President: Kelly Siu
Vice President: Amy Huynh
Secretary: David Huynh

Treasurer: Juliet Pham




President: David Nguyen 
Vice President: Dan Luong
Secretary: Loc Huynh

Treasurer: Roger Quan

Historian: Joaquin Almendras

Public Relations: Justine Recinto, Daris Duong

Event Coordinator: Anthony Lee

Advisors: Mr. Cortez


Photo Club

President: Dan Luong
Vice President:


Multimedia Coordinator:

Event Coordinators:

Advisors: Mr. Lo


Latino Club

Vice President:


Multimedia Coordinator:

Event Coordinators:

Advisors: Ms. Valdivia


Math Engineering Science Achievement

President: Angelina Vu, Melissa Vu
Vice President: Mikayla Chambers
Secretary: Hai Ly

Treasurer: Amber Nguyen

Public Relations: Hailey Tran

Advisors: Mr. Osuna



Captains: Wyatt Pham, Hayley Nguyen

Advisors: Jim Thrall



President: Linh Hong
Vice President: Gigi Dao
Secretary: Tina Vuong

Treasurer: Jonell Soriano

Fundraising Coordinator: Phoebe Nguyen

Activities Coordinator: Christina Pham



Taste This

President: Nhi Thai
Vice President: Vi Phan, Joyce Doanla
Secretary: Loc Buu

Treasurer: Mason Phan

Historian: Melody Puyot

Public Relations: Julie Phan

Event Coordinator: Hanh Nguyen

Advisor: Mr. Khong


YB Friendly Bonding Union

President: Brandon Nguyen
Vice President:


Multimedia Coordinator:

Event Coordinators:



Red Cross

President: Brandon Nguyen
Vice President: Annie Nguyen
Secretary: Thuy Duong

Treasurer: Annie Kieu

Event Coordinator: Vi Phan

Advisors: Ms. Lal


UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)

President: Dolly Huynh, Joyce Doanla
Vice President: Nhi Thai, Julie Hoang
Secretary: Loc Buu

Treasurer: Bobby Le

Historian: Lauren Locquiao

Public Relations: Loc Trinh

Event Coordinator: Jenny Nguyen

Advisors: Mr. Khong


Math & Computer Science

President: John Ventura
Vice President: Thomas Ngo
Secretary: Lucy Tran

Treasurer: Justin Vo

Event Coordinator: Melissa Vu

Advisors: Ms. Grassel


Ted Ed

Coordinators: Jimmy Nguyen & Sarah Dang

Advisors: Ms. La, Ms. Lee